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A unique world of jewelry is waiting for you to discover it in the company Ioannis Andriopoulos & SIA OE, in Neo Psychiko. The history of the company began in 1987, when it was founded by Ioannis Andriopoulos with the initial object of the wholesale sale of silver and gold tourist jewelry. From 1994 he started to be engaged in the retail sale of jewelry. In the store Ioannis Andriopoulos & Co. OE of Mr. Andriopoulos, which he maintains together with his wife Margarita Elvatzian, you can choose from a wide range of unique creations from gold and silver, with high aesthetics.

In more detail, for all of you who want to stand out, you have the opportunity to choose between tourist, seasonal and modern jewelry, as well as to give a unique gift to your loved ones. The variety of products extends to valuable silverware, such as import frames (Italian), icons (Greek), candlesticks, bowls and other items. Also, the successful course of the business, in 2006, turned to the trade of bridal and christening items, such as wedding wreaths, wedding rings, single stones, while it also began to manufacture wedding and christening favors.